Balance UV Exposure

The sun’s light is responsible for life on Earth. However, too much of our sun’s energy can burn our skin and increase skin cancer as we’ve all been told.  In addition, excess UV is known to accelerate development of cataracts in our eyes and most likely macula degeneration as we age.

The sunlight though stimulates our bodies to produce Vitamin D which is necessary for bone health and development.  With this mind, we need to strike a balance between what is harmful exposure to our sun’s rays and what is excess.

Another recent study in the U.K.  connects adequate exposure to sunlight to keeping our blood pressure healthy.  With this study, it becomes even more necessary to learn what  balance our bodies need with regards to UV exposure.

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‘Hidden’ Life Among Nature

hidden insectsIt’s always fun to find things that you never expect to see.  Here is an insect that protects itself by looking like part of the plant.  If you look closely you can see that it even looks like part of the insect has been eaten by other insects on the right side.

Leaf mimicking insects may have begun as far back as 47 million years ago says Sonja Wedmann of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat.

insect 2From the air, predators look down and this lizard like life looks just like part of the plant.  Some insects have the capacity to blend to whatever objects they are on.  This is also true of some ocean life like octopi and seahorses as below.


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