Do We Truly Understand Consciousness in Animals?

Wild crow using tools in nature


How we get consciousness and what it is has been debated and researched for many years. Humans used to think that they were the only species possessing consciousness but recent studies have thrown that clearly into question.

Porpoises and dolphins and whales have received a lot of our attention as they are mammals like us. Most people believe that they are intelligent creatures and now we strive to protect them from harm because of that.


However, besides our family dog and cat, many other animals possess unique abilities that are forcing us humans to take notice.  Earth Sky reports on a very amazing and astonishing video of a wild crow and the crows attempt to solve puzzle. The video of the crow certainly brings up questions about how the crow is doing the task.

How would we feel if we find out animals like the crow are aware and conscious thinking creatures?  Truly, us humans have some aversion to thinking we are sharing the planet with ANY other conscious being than ourselves.

I think that video of a wild crow may make us think deeper about all this !!!

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