When Do I Need Special Computer Glasses?


With so much use on computers these days, it’s no wonder that our eyes can often get tired and fatigued.  Computers themselves aren’t dangerous to our eyes but since we all often keep working without breaks our focusing system often gets pushed to its max.

Long term use of computers often requires a specialized computer prescription set designed optimally for your eyes to focus at the distance where they spend a lot of time.

Even though you may see 20/20 and clearly, that is not necessarily a measure of how long your eyes can endure over hours of close work.

Progressive1LensPeople who wear progressive lenses for far and for reading rarely can perform correctly at a desktop computer as their near reading correction is at the bottom of their lens. In order to see correctly at a desktop monitor as person with progressive lenses will have to turn their head up. Besides being extremely inefficient, neck muscles will tense and may cause a type of ‘carpal tunnel’ type repetitive injury to your neck.

For that reason, all people wearing progressive lenses who work at a desktop monitor need to get a specialized pair of glasses optimized so they can look straight ahead without tilting their neck.

A specialized computer eyeglasses are generally just one power throughout the entire lens which is optimized for eye comfort  at your particular computer working distance.

Even younger people who spend 6 to 10 hours a day at computers often have small focusing issues often gradually start causing early fatigue.  These people may also need a specialized digital media prescription to help improve their comfort and performance.




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