Blood Pressure Drugs & Macular Degeneration Risk

diagram2High blood pressure is a common condition in our global world.  There are many reasons that high blood pressure develops.  The long term risks of uncontrolled high blood pressure can be stroke and even death. Clearly, controlling blood pressure is very important. High blood pressure can cause blood vessels to harden and diminish in diameter thereby adding to increased pressure within the artery or vein.

blood pressureHowever, a new study may have thrown the proverbial ‘monkey wrench’ in the clear cut use of blood pressure medications. The Beaver Dam study of AMD ( Age-related Macular Degneration) suggests there may be as high as a 72 percent increase in risk factor for those taking vasodilators medications to control their blood pressure.

AMD can be a serious vision debilitating condition that can alter the lifestyle of a person considerably depending on the type of AMD and its progress.

AMD imagesLike many things in life and in medicine, the knowledge of potential risk factors blurs the black and white decision of how to treat high blood pressure to optimally increase the persons quality of life.





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