Is It Time For Cetacean Legal Rights?

As Katherine Knight writes in “Cetaceans Squeal with Delight”,  there is new research demonstrating clearly that dolphins, porpoises and whales have not only high intelligence but also cerebral emotional thinking.ocean1

Is it time that our legal system included not just human rights but rights of all sentient beings on our planet? Life is life and I’m not talking about rights for squirrels or lizards here. I’m also not a ‘tree hugging’ environmentalist. However, when there is overwhelming evidence of intelligence on par to humans then we should not turn a blind eye to that if we are to honor what I believe is ‘truly human’ in us all.

ocean4If the world even just begins to acknowledge other intelligent life on Earth then perhaps our entire consciousness towards our stewardship of our planet will improve. The Cetacean Rights organization is attempting to enlighten us in just that way with their Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans.

japan 2Japan  and other nations have routine killing of whales for unnecessary economic gain.  Iceland kills whales in order to give whale meat to tourists as an ‘attraction’. Giving cetaceans a legal right as sentient beings would be a wonderful beginning to alter human perception.  Not only protecting these intelligent life forms but altering our ego centric posture that all life is here to serve human desires no matter what those might be. Think about it and spread the word for ALL sentient life to be allowed to life in peace.

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