Overlooked Way to Save Our Environment

RecycleOver the last 20 years, our planet’s rivers and air and resources have reduced in quality and that has resulted in considerable negative effects on our Earth. Wonderful new ideas have emerged that have helped with this problem. Recycling our plastics and metal has drastically improved the  ravishing of our environment.  New gas mileage minimums have given us more miles per gallon and therefore less pollution into our air. Getting more of our energy from renewable resources instead of burning coal and fossil fuels also helps with reducing the CO2 emissions and thereby hopefully lessening the drastic changes occurring from global warming.

All of these things are beneficial. However, there is one HUGE area that for some reason no one is mentioning. That area is reducing the consumer goods we buy. Within those DVR players, high tech gadgets, clothing, new cars (even hybrids) hide a history of air and water pollution. The resource gathering and manufacturing of the items we buy create the pollution we are trying so hard to curtail by recycling all those things mentioned above.

cell fonesSure, we all need many items. However, how many items do we buy that we just ‘desire’ and really don’t ‘need’ ?! Upgrading cell phones may seem ‘the thing to do’ to show friends and such, but do you really NEED to upgrade? The cell phone is composed of toxic elements. requires special elements be mined from the earth that reside in only certain areas of the world. Mining these elements cause pollution and often health issues for those mining them.

Cell phones are only one area of course. The same applies to any purchase we might make from TV to appliances. usedappliances  So, along with putting that plastic into the recycle bin, how about thinking about your next purchase and whether or not you actually can do without that item. Often when we buy something another thing is just thrown in garbage or dumped into the landfill.

There are hundreds of organizations with lofty and much appreciated goals to help the environment. Even the World Wildlife Federation article about what individuals can do for the environment. However, even this article stops short of actually telling people to  ‘Stop Wanting’ and purchase less goods, an enormous source of energy use and pollution.

computer_recycling_picturesWhy not also add ‘Stop Wanting’ to the other areas of environmental protection endeavors we all try to do to keep our planet inhabitable for us.

Our small home Earth from our Moon

We so often think about saving ‘The Environment’ or ‘Our Planet’ but that’s really not at stake scientifically. Our planet will endure. It’s the survival of the Human race that we are talking about when we protect ‘The Environment’ … it may be wiser to orient ourselves in that manner and also more a reality to motivate others for change.


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