Proper Care of Your Soft Contact Lenses

Your Contact Lens Case
Your Contact Lens Case


Contact lenses are wonderful innovations that bring joy and freedom from eyeglasses to many.  Like wearing seat belts are an agreed upon safety measure, there are also important safety measures to take when wearing your contact lenses.

Following these few steps can lessen any problems and infections that could occur from wearing your contacts.

Eye infection poor hygiene
Eye infection poor hygiene

These are the most important steps:

1) wash your hands with soap prior to handling your lenses.

2) air dry your case every time you use your lenses.

3) use proper disinfecting/multi -purpose solutions and replace ALL the solution every time you open the case  – do NOT merely ‘top off’ the existing solution. If you don’t wear your lenses for longer than 1 week then open and replace the solution.

4) replace your case at least every 3 months

5) Dispose of your lenses on schedule and do NOT wait until they feel uncomfortable!!   Following these few simple rules will keep your lenses clear and comfortable and your eyes healthy.

Normal Eye
Your Healthy Eye


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