Auto Technology – Gone Too Far?


Throughout the years, technology has taken us from the push button phone to current advancements in ‘Siri’ type technology. Whether we like or make use of the new technological advances in our phones, it’s really doesn’t effect anyone else around us.

But now the wireless computer technology already on board for entertainment systems and other areas, many cars driving right next you may be putting your lives at a greater risk.

How? Currently, Andy Greenberg in Wired magazine describes how a new Jeep was hacked and had it’s steering and braking  was taken over by computer programmers sitting in their own home miles away from the actual car!

If cars are hacked like this, then we ALL can suffer by the accidents they cause and there is little we can do about it right now.

The Jeep isn’t the only vehicle subject to this problem by far and more are on the way.  So, is this new technology helpful or does it bring with it a risk that necessitates halting it’s use until we know these new systems are secure?

I think the latter.

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