Holiday Advertising-How Far is TOO Far?


How far is too far in Holiday Advertising? We now are so used to Mattress Sales on Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday that it just seems commonplace. ToyotaThon and other car sales during Fourth of July seems an American tradition.

This Christmas my email was bombarded with corporate emails of Holiday Cheer and wishing my family a New Year with 20 percent off all marketing supplies and free shipping. No one at these companies has ever talked with me personally and definitely hasn’t met my family. If they had – I’m certain my discount would quickly drop to 10 percent .


Is our society so complacent now and so economically oriented that Holidays – even Christmas- is fodder merely as a marketing tool for financial gain?


We are constantly manipulated – yes that is the correct word – by advertisers who hire sophisticated human behavior experts in designing an effective ad. The current Star Wars movie ( to which I have been a durable fan since the beginning of the ‘Rebellion’ ) is a sad token of the Lucas franchise.

Disney bought Lucas Star Wars for 4 billion dollars and evidently is attempting to recover its total purchase payment in this 2015 Christmas Holiday season.  From car ads to battery ads, to Cover Girl Makeup ads to Campbell soup ads, Disney has handed out Star Wars brand with apparently only one criteria – that the ad must appear on Planet Earth!

The Campbell ‘Star Wars’ labeled soups ad and Duracell battery television commercial ads are interesting since the current J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars movie doesn’t even HAVE Darth Vader and other Lucas characters in the new released movie!

Disney doesn’t seem to care however as long as they can sell the Star Wars characters.  George Lucas sold his Star Wars characters to Lego and other commercial endeavors. However, Lucas at least did it with some class and selection to maintain the integrity of his creation – and at least relevant to the current movie !!

I suspect I’ll be using Death Star Mouthwash and Luke Skywalker Depends since Disney shows no shame or class to fill its coffers with Star Wars bounty.

May the ‘Profits Be With You’.disneymoney


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