How Do You Feel About Makeup?


There’s many things we all do in our society to gain attention and feel good about ourselves. From buying expensive cars to way bigger homes than we need – in part to fulfill ‘something’ that psychologists discuss at their seminars.

Makeup is one of these.


Primarily used by women to create ‘a look’ that generally gets an accompanying positive reaction from those who see them. Such is the circle – ie: chicken and the egg scenario.

Leave out the billions spent on makeup and the hungry children it could feed, makeup impacts the self esteem of many women and it begins early in life.  On the site EmpowHer, Weaver discusses The Connection Between Makeup and Mental Health. 

With growing concerns over anorexia and body shape image, surely makeup warrants some attention regarding how women end up viewing themselves.

I personally shared a house with a woman years ago who would turn off the lights before getting into bed with her  boyfriend – keeping her makeup on. Later she would get up and remove it and wake up earlier to put it on before he might see her.  In her mind, he liked ‘the her’ with the makeup on – how ‘could’ she take the risk he might not like her ‘without’ it?


Many men think makeup is taking a couple of minutes to put on lipstick or eye shadow. Often this is not the case  and the process can take 20-30 minutes – involving foundation, multiple products for eye shadow, highlighters, powder and liner around the lips before lipstick application.  One product is even called “correcting’. This ( 45 min ) video of Maria “Makeup Tutorial” shows the extent of what the process can be like for many. The first 5 minutes will show you a lot.

Starting Early In Life
Starting Early In Life

The impact on young girls can last a lifetime. Taylor Griffith writing for the HUFF PostTeen,  brings this to light in her article “Too Much Makeup Too Soon?”

If you’re a man, next time you browse the magazine rack pick up a copy of a woman’s magazine. You will see a plethora of ads for wrinkles, shiny hair, smooth legs, enticing lipstick and tons of ads for makeup.  Men have no such advertising aimed at them so consistently.

What to do? I really do not know.  As with most things, progress begins with awareness and knowledge –  and the desire for others to enjoy ‘who they are’.

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