Special Eyeglasses For Computer Eyestrain?

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Years ago, most people who worked at desks would open their mail, read it and then pull out their typewriter or pen and paper and respond. Those days are practically ancient history now. When before, our eyes would glance around the room while opening our mail and then look up while thinking of how to respond, these days that’s rarely the case. Our computers go from one email to the other with no lag of time for us to glance across the room or, if lucky, out the window. All this contributes to computer eye strain.


Our eyes are not prepared for constant sustained near work.  For thousands of years, the near work demanded of our eyes was pulling the spear out of some Mammoth beast after the hunt.  There was no Instagram or Facebook need for posting pictures of our hunt and sharing with nearby tribes.


Looking at a monitor 22-26 inches away puts a demand on your eye’s focusing lens. Just like holding your arm out straight is an easy  task for 30 seconds but after 5 minutes keeping it straight out becomes a daunting task, your eyes operate in like manner.

They need to look away every few minutes for proper function and to reduce stress. In our work environment, looking away, even if possible, typically is not done due to a stream of work on the computer monitor in front of us.

This is why in many cases of prolonged computer work, a person needs a specialized computer pair of eyeglasses. When people become older and need reading glasses, specialized computer glasses become of paramount importance.  When people wear progressive (bifocal) eyeglasses, they cannot see the screen without tilting their head back, as the reading portion is at the bottom of their glasses. This is not only inefficient but, like carpal tunnel syndrome, can cause neck injury and pain.

A specialized computer prescription is designed to reduce stress at the computer monitor distance and drastically reduces eyestrain and radically improves work efficiency.

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