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UV Protection for Adults and Children

Venus Passes in Front of Sun
Venus Passes in Front of Sun

We all know  about protecting our skin from UV radiation and the dangers of skin cancer  but do you realize that reducing  UV radiation is important to your eye health?  UV causes or aggravates many eye conditions; cataracts, photokeratitis, pinguecula and pterygium and age related macular degeneration.

UV and The EyeIt’s important to keep large amounts of UV from our eyes. One commonly overlooked area is UV protection for children.  One study concluded that over 50 percent of the UV damage done to our eye is done before the age of 17 years old.  Children generally have much larger pupils than when they are adults.   For instance, a  2 mm diameter pupil would  let in light through an opening of about 3 sq mm  whereas just 1 mm increase in diameter to a 3 mm pupil would be an opening of over 4.7 sq mm ! ;   over a 50 percent increase in UV going into the eye with just a 1 mm pupil diameter.

At high altitude such as Lake Tahoe or on the water like the SF Bay, the UV radiation can be 2 or 3 times what is common on low altitude land.  Many offices do not put UV protection in clear lens prescriptions. However,  at San Anselmo Optometry we make sure every sunglass lens AND every CLEAR prescription eyeglass lens provides UV protection to keep your eyes healthy.

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