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Special Eyeglasses For Computer Eyestrain?

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Years ago, most people who worked at desks would open their mail, read it and then pull out their typewriter or pen and paper and respond. Those days are practically ancient history now. When before, our eyes would glance around the room while opening our mail and then look up while thinking of how to respond, these days that’s rarely the case. Our computers go from one email to the other with no lag of time for us to glance across the room or, if lucky, out the window. All this contributes to computer eye strain.


Our eyes are not prepared for constant sustained near work.  For thousands of years, the near work demanded of our eyes was pulling the spear out of some Mammoth beast after the hunt.  There was no Instagram or Facebook need for posting pictures of our hunt and sharing with nearby tribes.


Looking at a monitor 22-26 inches away puts a demand on your eye’s focusing lens. Just like holding your arm out straight is an easy  task for 30 seconds but after 5 minutes keeping it straight out becomes a daunting task, your eyes operate in like manner.

They need to look away every few minutes for proper function and to reduce stress. In our work environment, looking away, even if possible, typically is not done due to a stream of work on the computer monitor in front of us.

This is why in many cases of prolonged computer work, a person needs a specialized computer pair of eyeglasses. When people become older and need reading glasses, specialized computer glasses become of paramount importance.  When people wear progressive (bifocal) eyeglasses, they cannot see the screen without tilting their head back, as the reading portion is at the bottom of their glasses. This is not only inefficient but, like carpal tunnel syndrome, can cause neck injury and pain.

A specialized computer prescription is designed to reduce stress at the computer monitor distance and drastically reduces eyestrain and radically improves work efficiency.

Contact us at 415-747-8191 or read more at our website.

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How Do You Feel About Makeup?


There’s many things we all do in our society to gain attention and feel good about ourselves. From buying expensive cars to way bigger homes than we need – in part to fulfill ‘something’ that psychologists discuss at their seminars.

Makeup is one of these.


Primarily used by women to create ‘a look’ that generally gets an accompanying positive reaction from those who see them. Such is the circle – ie: chicken and the egg scenario.

Leave out the billions spent on makeup and the hungry children it could feed, makeup impacts the self esteem of many women and it begins early in life.  On the site EmpowHer, Weaver discusses The Connection Between Makeup and Mental Health. 

With growing concerns over anorexia and body shape image, surely makeup warrants some attention regarding how women end up viewing themselves.

I personally shared a house with a woman years ago who would turn off the lights before getting into bed with her  boyfriend – keeping her makeup on. Later she would get up and remove it and wake up earlier to put it on before he might see her.  In her mind, he liked ‘the her’ with the makeup on – how ‘could’ she take the risk he might not like her ‘without’ it?


Many men think makeup is taking a couple of minutes to put on lipstick or eye shadow. Often this is not the case  and the process can take 20-30 minutes – involving foundation, multiple products for eye shadow, highlighters, powder and liner around the lips before lipstick application.  One product is even called “correcting’. This ( 45 min ) video of Maria “Makeup Tutorial” shows the extent of what the process can be like for many. The first 5 minutes will show you a lot.

Starting Early In Life
Starting Early In Life

The impact on young girls can last a lifetime. Taylor Griffith writing for the HUFF PostTeen,  brings this to light in her article “Too Much Makeup Too Soon?”

If you’re a man, next time you browse the magazine rack pick up a copy of a woman’s magazine. You will see a plethora of ads for wrinkles, shiny hair, smooth legs, enticing lipstick and tons of ads for makeup.  Men have no such advertising aimed at them so consistently.

What to do? I really do not know.  As with most things, progress begins with awareness and knowledge –  and the desire for others to enjoy ‘who they are’.

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Holiday Advertising-How Far is TOO Far?


How far is too far in Holiday Advertising? We now are so used to Mattress Sales on Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday that it just seems commonplace. ToyotaThon and other car sales during Fourth of July seems an American tradition.

This Christmas my email was bombarded with corporate emails of Holiday Cheer and wishing my family a New Year with 20 percent off all marketing supplies and free shipping. No one at these companies has ever talked with me personally and definitely hasn’t met my family. If they had – I’m certain my discount would quickly drop to 10 percent .


Is our society so complacent now and so economically oriented that Holidays – even Christmas- is fodder merely as a marketing tool for financial gain?


We are constantly manipulated – yes that is the correct word – by advertisers who hire sophisticated human behavior experts in designing an effective ad. The current Star Wars movie ( to which I have been a durable fan since the beginning of the ‘Rebellion’ ) is a sad token of the Lucas franchise.

Disney bought Lucas Star Wars for 4 billion dollars and evidently is attempting to recover its total purchase payment in this 2015 Christmas Holiday season.  From car ads to battery ads, to Cover Girl Makeup ads to Campbell soup ads, Disney has handed out Star Wars brand with apparently only one criteria – that the ad must appear on Planet Earth!

The Campbell ‘Star Wars’ labeled soups ad and Duracell battery television commercial ads are interesting since the current J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars movie doesn’t even HAVE Darth Vader and other Lucas characters in the new released movie!

Disney doesn’t seem to care however as long as they can sell the Star Wars characters.  George Lucas sold his Star Wars characters to Lego and other commercial endeavors. However, Lucas at least did it with some class and selection to maintain the integrity of his creation – and at least relevant to the current movie !!

I suspect I’ll be using Death Star Mouthwash and Luke Skywalker Depends since Disney shows no shame or class to fill its coffers with Star Wars bounty.

May the ‘Profits Be With You’.disneymoney


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Auto Technology – Gone Too Far?


Throughout the years, technology has taken us from the push button phone to current advancements in ‘Siri’ type technology. Whether we like or make use of the new technological advances in our phones, it’s really doesn’t effect anyone else around us.

But now the wireless computer technology already on board for entertainment systems and other areas, many cars driving right next you may be putting your lives at a greater risk.

How? Currently, Andy Greenberg in Wired magazine describes how a new Jeep was hacked and had it’s steering and braking  was taken over by computer programmers sitting in their own home miles away from the actual car!

If cars are hacked like this, then we ALL can suffer by the accidents they cause and there is little we can do about it right now.

The Jeep isn’t the only vehicle subject to this problem by far and more are on the way.  So, is this new technology helpful or does it bring with it a risk that necessitates halting it’s use until we know these new systems are secure?

I think the latter.

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Amazing Mantis Shrimp Eyes !

Mantis shrimp

Seeing is one of the most enjoyable senses humans enjoy. When Katrina, a patient of mine, told me about how special the Mantis Shrimp was, I knew I had to find out more.

At first hand you might think that all animals pretty much had the same eyes and got images of the world about the same.  Some do but the Mantis Shrimp is in a class by itself. This small unintelligent creature possesses a most unusual visual system.

Humans have 3 cones and 1 rod type receptors in their retina. Cones are red, green and blue and are utilized in various ways to give us the spectrum of colors we see. Rods give us acuity to see at night. Recently there has been discovered a new receptor that adjusts our internal circadian clock.

In a National Geographic article by Ed Yong, he describes the amazing layout of the Mantis Shrimp visual system in detail. Unlike humans who only have 3 different type receptors  the Mantis Shrimp has at least 6 to 12 and maybe even 16 !!!

At the first discovery of addition receptors, it was thought that the shrimp might see even more color details than humans do. However, that was not the case as described by Jessica Morrison’s article and video in the science journal Nature.

What research does seem to agree on is that the arrangement of the Mantis Shrimp’s eyes allows it to respond quickly, perhaps even bypassing it’s own brain, and avoid predators and react quickly to it’s environment.

If they ever figure out just ‘how’ the Mantis Shrimp’s eyes work, perhaps us humans will be able to react even ‘faster’ than we do now.  Think about how many Facebook postings and Tweets we could do then!!


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