Royce Kakar, Optician

Royce Kakar, ABO Certified Optician

Royce Kakar is an ABO (American Board of Opticians) certified optician with over 17 years of experience in the optical field. He truly enjoys helping peopleĀ find the perfect eyeglasses for their face, along with the lightest and most comfortable prescription lenses available.

He has had many people over the years tell him that he helped them select their favorite eyewear ever. The best compliment Royce can receive is to hear that poeple are receiving complements about their eyewear. Hearing this and seeing how people enjoy their eyewear is what makes it all worthwhile for Royce.

In addition to helping people pick out the best eyewear, Royce is proud to be a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador for San Anselmo. He has met many wonderful people people serving this Marin community.

His hobbies are tennis, bike riding, and most of all playing with his 7 year old daughter!


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